Definition: Suspicious means to be openly distrustful and unwilling to confide. It is causing one to have the idea or impression that someone or something is questionable, dishonest, or dangerous. Signs and behaviors to look for in a suspicious text is a person running, a person carrying a weapon, unusual noises, and dark settings. All of these components add to what a suspicious scene might look like with eerie and mysterious characteristics.  

b.             Example: In the book Medea, it was very suspicious of Medea to send her kids with supposedly sympathy gifts for the princess who she actually envied. Because she had this open hatred for the wife, Medea’s nurse, who knew her very well, was able to suspect Medea was up to something by sending over these presents with the lines, “I dread to think of what is hatching in her mind” (Euripides 1). The nurse was right, as it just so happened that when she sent her kids with these presents, it was actually a way to poison the princess and ultimately kill her. This was both distrustful, dishonest, and dangerous because it was a known fact that Medea had problems with the princess, as the princess was the new wife of her husband, so, when she was appearing to be friendly with her, things were suspicious.

c. Examples:

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