Tone Word-Respectful

Definition: To be respectful is to view and have admiration towards someone or something due to their abilities. Being respectful may also emphasize being generous to someone whom you view as deserving of your thoughtfulness and having a generous attitude towards them. To be respectful is to also support someone and treat them in a kindhearted manner because they have done the same for you and deserve it.

Text: As Charles Darnay expresses his love for Miss Manette to Dr. Manette, he does so respectfully. Darnay speaks to Dr. Manette and says, " '...being one day so happy as to make her my wife, I must at any time put any separation between her and you, I could or would breathe a word of what I say now...If I had any such possibility...I could not now touch this honoured hand.' " As Darnay said this to Dr. Manette, Dr. Manette responded by saying, " 'You speak so feelingly and so manfully, Charles Darnay, that I thank you with all my heart, and will open all my heart - or nearly so.' " - A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, Page 139

As seen in this text, Charles Darnay is respecting Dr. Manette's relationship by coming to tell him about his feelings towards his daughter, so he can see what his opinion and thoughts are about it. Darnay is also being respectful towards Dr. Manette because he is being thoughtful about Dr. Manette's relationship with his daughter and implying that he will not separate them or come in between their relationship.