The Moving the Goalposts fallacy, also known as the Gravity Game, Raising the Bar, or Argument by Demanding Impossible Perfection fallacy, is used when a point has been adequately answered; however, the opponent refuses to concede and demands that the other opponent address more points although the initial counter-argument has been answered. The name "moving the goalposts" comes from the opponent shifting the focus of the argument away from the main point continuously.

Moving the Goalposts
This fallacy could be encountered in daily life commonly through the ongoing debate of the existence of God. For example, if one were to claim that at one point there was only God in the world, the other would argue and question what was before God. This cycle would continue aimlessly, for both would attempt to question and answer one another, straying from the main point of whether or not God is real.

In Ender's Game, a science fiction novel by Orson Scott Card, at Ender's battle school, the administration continues stacking the odds against him after a long string of battle victories, preventing him from advancing through the ranks.