Tone Word-Critical

Definition: To be critical is to point out the flaws or negative aspects about a person or thing. To be critical may include the action of judging something by analyzing it. Being critical can also be important when trying to improve something to make it work better or by pointing out someone's flaws to allow them to grow from their flaws.

Literary Text:

"You take this old guy, Grandma Jefa says, waving a hand at Grandpa Lalo sitting in the sun. He rolls his eyes at her and tugs his cap down. Can't keep a story straight to save his life. When we were young he used to say that the Aguilars were 100 percent Spanish, Basque he's saying the Aguilars are half Hopi and the whole tribe came down to Mesilla, new Mexico to dance at his father's funeral. Ridiculo, que no?" -"Everyone's Abuelo Can't Have Ridden With Pancho Villa by Andrea Saenz, Page 31 in Sudden Fiction Latino

Throughout the entire text Grandma Jefa has a tone that is critical towards the expression and statements Grandpa Lalo makes. She criticizes his statements because she does not believe them and is tired of his fake stories. She criticizes his comments and describes them as being "ridiculous" (31).