Tone Word: Apathetic

Definition: An apathetic tone is one in which a lack of interest, enthusiasm, and concern is felt and expressed through the actions, thoughts, and/or words of the character(s). The characters’ apathy is seen when they are neither happy nor sad about what occurs but act completely stolid and unemotional. In a text with an apathetic tone, little or no progress is seen through characters’ emotional growth, but they only tell the story to have it be told and over with.

Literary Text: "I Am Apathetic" [1]

Apathetic Toward Life And Death. This goes pretty far back, to even my childhood, but I've never quite been able to feel anything toward the death of people, or the birth of new ones. I'm overall apathetic to most things, but nothing like those two. 2001, I was going to class one day and felt like something was amiss, I brushed it off and went to class, just to find that the trade centers were hit that same day. Most people in my class put hands over mouths, cried, looked in shock, but I looked at it thinking "huh.", went back to drawing a picture. I had family that was in there, so It's not like I didn't lose someone too, but In my mind it was more like "if not now, then later." feeling, same when anyone I know dies, or anyone in general. The same goes with bringing life, I see a birth, or a baby, or people helping others out of bad spots, and wonder why. It's like the "if not now, then later." has been stuck into my mind about life and death, including my own, making me a lover of adrenaline fueled activities. But oh well, you win some you lose some, that's life.

Visual: "Regret and Apathy" by Wendy Lippincott

Regret and Apathy by Wendy Lippincott

These two men are apathetic to their surroundings by showing no real interest through their facial expressions and delighting in their own recreational activities, like smoking and drinking. Plus, the man on the left is dismissing the document in front of him.

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